Monday, August 14, 2017

QUICK UPDATE: The weekly S&P 500 (SPX) chart produced a bearish price flip and now the key chart will be the SPX daily chart. The daily SPX is on a TD Buy Setup @2. If the SPX can puncture the 2425.53 TDST Support level either at the close of Monday or Tuesday’s trading, then a case can be made for a trend change to bearish.

spx - daily


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4 Responses to Monday, August 14, 2017

  1. Trading4NandS says:

    DeMark considers the 9-13-9 sequence count to be pretty powerful (I understand the rules). He also considers completed 9-counts at TDST resistance/support areas to be significant. I’ve been trying to find some info on the 9-13-9 count, and the significance of the last TD Setup 9-count completing below count-13 of the Sequential Countdown. Any thoughts on the significance of the last TD Setup count in the 9-13-9 Sequence completing/closing below count-13? This occurred on the SPY 15-Min chart on Fri, 8/25, when the SPY completed count-9 of the last TD Sell Setup below count-13 on 8/22. The SPY sold off immediately after completing count-9 on Fri.


    • Art says:

      Hello Mike,
      I actually prefer to see something like you saw on the 15 min SPX. When a TD Sell Countdown, TD Combo Sell, and TD Sell Setup record nearly concurrently (Aug 22 > TD Sell Setup @ 9 at 7:45 AM, TD Sell Countdown @13 at 10 AM, and TD Combo Sell @ 13 at 11:30 AM). The actual high occurred at the close on Aug 22.

      The 8/25 example you provided would probably not be significant since there was a TD Buy Setup @ 9 recorded on Aug 23, which will negate the thinking about a TD Sell Setup closing below a potential 9/13/9 on Aug 22. Hope that makes some sense.

  2. Trading4NandS says:


    Thanks for the feedback. The “SequenceCounter” study in TOS does not show a TD Buy Setup @9 on the 15-Min chart on 8/23 for SPY, but it does for SPX. I did not check the SPX chart, just the SPY (maybe I should be checking both, I don’t know). Otherwise, I would not have bothered to post my original question (because it would not make any sense). You correctly pointed out that the last TD Sell Setup to complete the 9-13-9 count would be invalidated.

    One last question, for TDST Resistance levels, do you consider the actual resistance level at a bearish price flip to be the high or close of the move where the price flip occurred, or the high or close of count-1? And vice versa for TDST resistance?


    • Art says:

      Sorry for the late response. If I’m understanding the question, I always consider the close when a potential bearish price flip is unfolding under the TDST Resistance. Just as Perl states in the book, ideally, an 8 or 9 count will provide a stronger case of a reversal of some type.

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